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St. Hilary's Current Downloadable Cards, Calendars and St. Hilary's Year Book 2009.

Please note that these general use/occasions cards can be used as either cards or notelets as required.  Each prints on to A4 paper and double folds into a notelet/card. y.

Gracie shows her pet guinea pig, GP, off to Adele........... Grace LOVES to play her tambourine when she sings in church!
Inside is left blank for your own message. Inside is left blank for your own message.
Amelia is SUPPOSED to be helping Ambrose weed the Spring flower box here but she has brought her book to read in case she becomes bored! Phoebe is TOO frightened of Percy Spider to play the organ so Priscilla Jane is having a word with him and asking him to weave a web elsewhere!
Inside is left blank for your own message. Inside is left blank for your own message.
Grace adores Prince and can't resist giving him a little pat on his head......ever so gently though! Adele and Tom tell Gracie how much they LOVE her secret recipe "Gracie Cakes"......
Inside is left blank for your own message. Inside is left blank for your own message.


Esther and Stephen enjoy a photo shoot at the church door now they are man and wife!
Inside says: "Congratulations"
Ambrose toasts the bride and groom, Stephen and Esther.
Inside says: "Congratulations"


The vicar tries to entertain young Clarissa after finding her crying in her pram. Stephen and Esther bring their first born child, Rachel Ann, to church to be baptised.
Inside is left blank for your own message Inside is left blank for your own message

Thinking of You/Sympathy

Megan reflects on dear old Ernie who passed away recently and imagines she can see his family wreath in the East Window. Alice, Adele and Priscilla Jane have a time of prayer and reflection remembering dear Ernie, their beloved churchyard gardener.
Inside reads: "Thinking of you" Inside reads: "Thinking of you"

Thank You

Tom loves to give bouquets of flowers to Esther as a thank you for being a great Sunday School teacher to him and all of the children! Miss Enid says a BIG thank you to Phoebe and all the children for their Christmas present of a book of Bach music!

Inside reads: Thank You! (for general use)

Inside reads: Thank You! (a Christmas thank you)

 Calendars for 2010

 Calendar v2 shut

ST. Hilary's Church Monthly Calendar version 1  for 2010  is a pdf file - to be printed on A4 paper.  
Notes for printing this version of the calendar:  The cover page is to be printed separately.  The rest of the pages ie 2-26 are to printed back to back/upside down  so that each month the calendar is hung to show TWO pages - monthly picture on one page and calendar on the other.  Plastic comb/wire binding works well and a hole needs to be punched at the bottom for hanging purposes. 
Please also note that although the grid lines are not always visible on the screen they DO print out correctly!

Open Calendar on A4

St. Hilary's Church Monthly Calendar version 2 for 2010 is a pdf file to be printed on A4 paper -  this is an A4 calendar with photo and calendar per A4 page for ease of printing.


St. Hilary's Year Book 2009

Year Book Cover
Year Book Part 1 (pages 1 - 11)

Year Book Part 2 (pages 12 - 26)
Year Book Part 3 (pages 27 - 40)
Year Book Part 4 (pages 41 - 50)
Year Book Part 5 (pages 51 - 58)
Year Book Part 6 (pages 59 - 69)
Year Book Part 7 (pages 70 - 83)
Year Book Part 8 (pages 84 - 97)
Year Book Part 9 (pags 98 - 109)

NOTE: This book has all the main stories which featured on St. Hilary's website during 2009 whilst also including some stories and events from past years. 
Each instalment is approx 2 - 4 meg size.

Miniature 1/12 scale St. Hilary's Cards and 2010 Calendar.

Download our pdf file which has a copy of each of our current greetings cards and 2010 calendar......ALL in miniature 1/12 scale for your very own "little poeple in your dollshouse!  Right click the "Download" and save the file down or open in a new browser window.





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