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Sarah and Andrew
Rachel, Owen, John and Hilary.
Oct 17, 2004
A much loved missed sister, father, brother and mother. Gone but not forgotten.


Patricia W. Gould
Dad, Terry, Harvey, Larry, Phyllis, Marge
Oct 21, 2004
..My life has been deeply blessed by each of you. I look forward to holding you in my arms when it is MY time to join you, You will know me by the big, red rose in my hair, the glow from the smile on my face, and the song coming straight from my heart! Don't forget to save me a seat! I love you all so! Pat

Oct 22, 2004
Audrey May Webb

Thank you, Sarah and Andrew, for a lovely memorial to loved ones gone. I only met your mother the once but found her a very gracious lady. At this time I also remember my own, much loved mother, who passed away nearly ten years ago now on April 6th, 1995. She will always be with me in spirit.

Rachel Fritz
Oct 23, 2004
Audrey Webb

Mum (Audrey) would have loved your web site.Thankyou for the opportunity to remember people we love and miss.Remembering Mum with love, Rachel Richard Heather Gareth and Ben.

Feb 08, 2005
Kate Borland

my most beloved granny

Denise Elizabeth Chrzanowski
Feb 11, 2005
Richard Johns

I love your enchanting little church. It gives me great pleasure to visit your web site and I so enjoy what you have created. Thank you for sharing with so many!

Marilyn Zimmerly
Feb 22, 2005
Estelle Anne Zimmerly

Beloved Grandmother, Mother of my heart. I miss you terribly, every day. Some day we will be together again. Thank you for watching over me. I know you are there.

Dani Rice
Feb 22, 2005
Fr. Ernest Russell Parker

My dad was an Episcopal priest, and also served at St. Giles in Chichester for a short time. Your church is so lovely - it's hard to believe it is so small. God bless you!

Jay Boydon
Feb 26, 2005
Hilda Cunningham

To my lovely mother, who left us 10 years ago, and who I still think of every day and miss.

Judy T. Strollo
Feb 26, 2005
Anne & William Thomas

So very nice, I've enjoyed it very much! Its nice to see something like this done so beautifully.

Sarah and Andrew Price
Apr 21, 2005
James Bridgwood (died aged 24)

We miss your wonderful support of this website but thank God for your wonderful life on earth and rejoice you are now with the Lord.

Sandra Stillman
May 08, 2005
Mary R. Kuyon

Remembering my beloved Mom on this Mother's Day. I miss her love and hugs. She will live forever in my heart. She left us to live with Our Lord on Dec. 23, 2004.

Pamela Sheppard
Jul 30, 2005
David Sheppard

To my wonderful husband whom I lost March 20th 1998 after a long illness, always in my heart we had 39 years of a wonderful marriage.

Aug 11, 2005
Harry Warren Haynes

Much loved Dad.

Freda Child
Aug 13, 2005
John Child

Such a lovely and moving dedication

Liz Goodyer
Sep 20, 2005
Robin Raymond Goodyer

26.11.1971 - 29.06.2003 A dearly beloved son and brother. He would have enjoyed the budgies in the church!

Eleftheria Cameron
Nov 26, 2005
Despina Kasekas

You will always live in our hearts forever we all love you and miss you so much. Aug 23 1983 Oct 10 2005

Jay Boydon
Jan 19, 2006
John Cunningham

To my Dad, gone to join Mum 13 January 2006

Sharon Stockton
Mar 21, 2006
Elsie Gobel

Born January 3,1922. Called home May 18,2005 Beloved Sister, AKA: Mom I miss you terribly, but I know you are still watching over me and are always just a thought away.

Lynn Freeman
Aug 05, 2006
Geraldine Alicia Roberts (nee Brazier)

Geraldine, my dearly loved sister passed away suddenly at the age of 49 from a heart attack. Her parents, sisters & brothers, her husband eddie and her children Julie, Steven & Adam are finding it very hard to accept that she has gone from our lives. We did believe in God, but this is now testing our believes. Please pray for us all.


Aug 08, 2006
Dr Gary Tuthill


Nov 15, 2006
Graham Mark Wilson


Valerie Saunders
Feb 23, 2007
Victor and Pat Barker

Remembered with so much love and affection and missed every day by their daughters Susan and Valerie 



Paul  Warren
April 10, 2007
Mary Warren

She was always so proud of Sarah�s singing and would have been charmed by your website.

Lillian Renfro
May 10, 2008
Rose Fedorko

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I can think of no lovlier tribute than this beautiful piece, Particularly the children and animals. How nice.


Barbara Selton
Jul 12, 2008
Edward Shelton

My six month old grandson who died of Meningitis. This is a wonderful idea thank you



Len & Gill Brazier
Sep 18, 2008
Delwyn Pritchard - 04/10/33-08/09/08

Peace after pain. A wonderful true friend to all our family. Gone from our lives but your memory and love will live forever. God Bless- Len,Gill& Family.


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This site is dedicated to Hilary Doreen Davies who departed this life 26 November 2003 aged 71 after 23 years of chronic illness with strokes, cancer and arthritis.  St Hilary's Church is our tribute to a brave lady who was mother to Sarah, Catherine, the late Rachel, the late John and wife to the late Owen Williams Davies.

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