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Esther checks the flowers she has arranged for Pentecost Sunday morning service.As my late mother, also named Hilary, (spelt the male way)  was equally unerring in her faith as her namesake saint, even through terrible pain and long chronic illness, we feel that naming this lovely realistic miniature church St Hilary's is a very fitting tribute to a brave lady.  Hilary saw this church for the very first and last time at the end of August 2003 before we had receipt of the furniture from Sharon and Mark Stockton.  We will never forget the admiration and love she had for it even though she didn't have the strength to see it close up.  

We have added considerably to the original "children" (ie: Emily, Benedict, Thomas, Clara and Amelia) who were part of my mother's Jane Davies' porcelain doll collection.  The children originally all had pride of place in the family Welsh Cabinet in her downstairs hallway and were amongst the first collector's items visitors would see on arrival in her house.   

Visit our Who's Who page and find out more about all of St. Hilary's characters, wildlife and pets!

The last words in tribute to both this website and my mother needs to go to Jane Davies, who grew to know my mother very well as she would arrive at her stall faithfully at almost EVERY Miniatura show at the Birmingham NEC in order to choose a new doll for her Welsh cabinet collection.....................

"To me it is the perfect way to remember your mother of whom I was very fond.  She was the only person other than my grandmother who combined so well a down-to-earth view of this world with such a clear  view of another".  

Indeed, as Jane too observed, Mum really DID have the faith of St. Hilary of Poitiers.  We like to think that she is enjoying this church even as she is in heaven.

The Reverend Gyles Ponsenby-Smyth, St. Hilary's vicar, and Rev Ken, his curate, welcomes you all to St Hilary's and hopes you enjoy your visit.  Read the vicar's letter to you all.  

Grace is hiding her face......visit our Pentecost page to find out why!

Above/right: Esther inspects her floral arrangements she has made for Pentecost.  Grace is hiding her face because there is something she is finding rather scary......visit our new Pentecost page and find out why!

LATEST NEW AND UPDATED PAGES BELOW........................
  • Visit our Pentecost page and find out how the children help in the preparations for Pentecost Sunday morning.  Things do become rather scary too and Grace is VERY frightened.............visit and find out why!
  •  On our Downloads page we have given you a new general card to download which features a photo of Rev Ken and Esther beating the bounds of the parish at Rogationtide.  There is also a large selection of other general and special occasion greetings cards as well as two versions of our 2010 Calendar.  St. Hilary's Year Book 2009 is fully available in all parts!
  • Visit our Easter Day page and find out how the preparations went this year.  Esme, one of our resident ducks, walks down memory lane and fancies living one of her favourite experiences in a rather eccentric way.............
  • Visit our Palm Sunday page and see how clever Grace is when she takes part in her very first Palm Sunday procession in St. Hilary's! 
  • Visit our Mothering Sunday  page and find out what happened this year. The children are given a special treat by Miss Enid...................and it involves high tea!  
  • A modern day parable in St. Hilary's.........yes really.........visit The Parable of the Lost Teaspoon and find out more........and it involves poor Miss Enid and a mishap on the part of Sepp, Homer's pet rat.
  •  Read my blog  on St. Hilary's and find out what is on my mind when it comes to all things St. Hils.....I even share with you all my failures and problems and more website problems too......
  •  Tom, Adele and Ben have some exciting news for you all.............Esther their Sunday School took them to a wonderful Show! Visit and find out what kind of show it was....................and why poor Esther became MOST frustrated with her charges!
  • Visit our Church Year  page to find ALL the stories over the last year listed on one page.................
  • Visit our Parish Records page.........find out more about the history of St. Hilary's as the vicar takes a trip down memory lane!
  • Visit our Prayer Time page and find out how some of our Sunday School children did as the vicar encouraged them to write their own prayers.   See them hard at work..........or not!  Download these St. Hilary's Church  prayer cards with prayers and Bible verses on for personal use.   Have a quiet time with some personal prayer too if you so wish,
  • Sunday School teachers and church youth workers will find lesson plans on our Activities page.  These have been especially created for us by our friend, Lorna F Webb, who is a fully trained primary school teacher.  Lorna belongs to the Lutheran church.  Her lesson plans are non-denominational and, therefore, can be adapted to suit the church or organisation using them.  They are free for non-commercial use only.
  • Try out our search facility if you are having problems finding the page you want on our site!

Please join with us in an act of remembrance  for Hilary Davies on our Memorial Service page.  Hilary passed away on 26th November 2003. We have produced a little act of remembrance for her with the children playing their instruments in her memory.  Remember and reflect too on those loved ones that you too may have lost.

Please visit our many other pages which you will find on the top drop down menu.  This is a new venture for us so please don't be shy if you find any problems with this new drop down menu (ie missing pages, links that go nowhere etc.) and email me as below.  Many thanks to Stu Nicholls for this drop down menu!   Thanks also have to go to Rob Orland for helping me enable our Internet Explorer 6 visitors to see our new drop down menu too.  DO visit his website on Historic Coventry and see some wonderful pictures of REAL churches and more..

If, for any reason, you cannot see the drop down options on our top menu please visit our Site Map which lists ALL of our current pages........


Thanks to Vic Newey for putting this Dollshouse Direct village church kit together for us, modifying it and most of all,  for adding his own personal decoration to it.  

Emily, Clara, Benedict, Thomas and Amelia were all originally bought by Hilary so they really ARE St Hilary's children.  We wanted them to live in a church dedicated to the lady who had  owned and loved them so much.......



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