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Pentecost Sunday

The vicar has decided that the children would enjoy doing Miss Webb's Pentecost lesson for Pentecost Sunday.  See how they got along with it below.............

Adele has been asked to bring the jar of coloured crayons and pencils along so this lesson MUST be very exciting!

Priscilla Jane has also been asked to bring a headband which is part of the lesson plan.

Even Magnifi-Cat the church cat, Sepp the rat,  Syd the pigeon, Nunc Dimittis, the mouse, and his white mouse friend have decided to join them after hearing all about this exciting lesson.

The vicar has gathered the children all together to talk to them about the meaning of Pentecost.


Have you noticed that even Homer has joined them!

The vicar tells them all about the Holy Spirit who descended upon all of Jesus' disciples at Pentecost like tongues of fire.

The children are fascinated to hear that the Holy Spirit made it possible for the disciples to speak in languages they had NEVER learnt!

The children had great fun learning how  to say "Good day" in lots of different languages.  Homer was even able to teach them how to say it in German - "Guten Tag"    (pronounced GOOT-en Tahk)

The vicar comes from Australia so he was able to tell them how to say Good Day in Australian - which is....." G'Day"!  

They loved to imitate him when he said that.


The children enjoyed colouring in a headband which had all the words of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  The fruit include "love", "joy" and "peace" and other good things.  The headbands have got some of these words on to remind the children all about them.

The Holy Spirit is often represented as a flame so the children are encouraged to colour in the flame with  reds, oranges and yellows.


Oh dear! What have we got here?  Emily has spent all of HER time drinking her soda pop and obviously has not been listening to the vicar.

Can you see what colour she is using that is NOT one the children were told to use?!!!!


Fortunately both Tom and Priscilla Jane HAVE been very observant!  As you can see they have got a ready made head band which HAS got the right colours on the flame!

They cannot make the same mistake as Emily CAN they?

Alice is helping the vicar by making sure the children know what they are doing.


Amelia is a clever girl!  She needs NO reminding what colours to use!

She loves to "escape" to the top of the stairs so that she can finish her work without interuption!


Phoebe is deep in thought. She is pondering about what the vicar was talking about.  She is imagining how wonderful it must have been for the disciples to suddenly find they can speak loads and loads of languages they have NEVER learnt!


The children have finished their Holy Spirit headbands and have moved into the church.

Alice and Megan have enjoyed making the sanctuary flower arrangement.

They were VERY careful to only pick flowers that were the same as those on the headband flame.  You can see, however, that there are some white flowers in the arrangement too.  This is because the Holy Spirit is also represented by a white dove.


Emily has still NOT noticed that she has used one wrong colour in her headband.  

Adele and Tom noticed that she had got it wrong and have made her one with the RIGHT colours in.

Emily is pleased to have such kind and considerate friends.  Tom and Adele really ARE showing that they have the fruit of the Holy Spirit by being so helpful and kind towards all of their Sunday School friends


Priscilla Jane felt moved to pray to God for HIM to give her all of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  The words on her headband help to remind her to ask God for all of the right things.




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