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The vicar is delighted to provide you all some interesting conundrums and misdemeanors for your delight. He also shares some digitally manipulated and altered photos too.......just proves you can't believe ANYTHING you see in a photo any more!

 Find out more below as you scroll down...................

Oh dear!  What has happened here! It looks like our pet  bird, Pebbles, has leapt IN to the picture.  Well he DOES enjoy saying "MAKE a cup of tea" so we can only think he couldn't resist this one!

To see this photo unadulterated visit our Flower and Music Festival  page!


It gets worse.................Klaus, the beautiful wirehaired dachshund puppy has decided to arrive too and Pebbles has decided to sit on his head........poor Klaus........but Miss Enid too!

The real life GP has also wandered in complete with some greenery to nibble..

Pebbles, Klaus and GP enjoy being in St. Hils with Miss Enid and Ambrose.. 
Photo shooting can be quite a trial if we are daft enough to allow our hand reared cockatiel, Pebbles, have free range whilst we do so.

This is the photo shoot of our little flower box with Ambrose and Alice taken for our Mothering Sunday page 2008.  The flower box can now be seen on our Photo Album.

It is interesting as you can see how big Pebbles is next to our tiny dolls and flower box!


Can anyone work out WHICH page this picture has been taken from?

Once you have worked out which event this photograph was taken at can you see that something is not quite as it should be!

You will have a clue when you scroll down to the next picture......


WHO have we got here in the church?  It is actually Sarah!  Sarah doesn't look very happy because the vicar told her off for putting the hymn board up on the wall all wonky AND leaving Easter hymns on the board ever since Easter Day!

As a penance she has been told by the vicar that she has to straighten it out and pick some suitable hymn numbers to reflect her contrition!  You can see she has done the work but does she look happy about it?

All the numbers have been taken out of the hymn book, Ancient and Modern Revised.

If you do not have a copy of the hymnal we have included the titles below.


The boys can be seen here in a rather "guilty" pose!  

The question is, are the boys innocent?   Is only one guilty?   Were they really trying to rescue Nunc from the cat or was it pure mischief?   Whatever the case, poor pussycat :-)


The Sunday School children have been learning about Pentecost in preparation for Pentecost Sunday ... but one (who shall remain nameless!!) has taken the idea of the Pentecost dove too seriously - with results that won't please his mother one bit!    He seems to be holding the dove
very gently however, he obviously loves birds.  


*Now WHAT is this all about?  Looks like our two pet birds have got in on the act.

(thanks to Lorna our dear Aussie friend who created this photo for us - be assured our late hen cockatiel, Cheeky and late budgie, Bobby-Joe, did not really get married in our little church!)






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