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A Modern Day Parable..................."The Parable of the Lost Teaspoon!"

The children love to hear Esther, their Sunday School teacher, tell them stories from the Bible. Priscilla Jane particularly loves the story about "The Lost Sheep" and it is this story or "parable" as it is correctly called, which comes to her mind when Miss Enid loses her treasured silver teaspoon.  Fortunately, as with the "Lost Sheep" parable this story (A Modern Day Parable about the Lost Teaspoon!) also has a happy ending.  Find out what happens below.............

Miss Enid is MOST distraught as you can see! She was just going to put some sugar in her tea to find her favourite silver teaspoon is nowhere to be seen....WHERE is it?

Miss Enid is MOST distraught!  She was just going to put some sugar in her tea to find her favourite silver teaspoon is nowhere to be seen....WHERE is it?
Sepp has a guilty secret.  It is HER fault that the teaspoon is now lost.  She knows that Miss Enid loves her tea with one and a half teaspoons of sugar in it.  So she was only trying to be helpful in using the spoon to put the sugar in Miss Enid's teacup.  However, just as she picks the spoon up off the saucer, she loses her grip on it and it drops.  She hears a loud tinkling noise as it bounces on the floor but is suddenly nowhere to be seen........oh dear............

GP is already looking for the teaspoon but he can't see it despite the fact that the teaspoon is  SO close to him..........can YOU see it?....(hint..........if you click on the right spot you will see an enlargement in a new window.....)

The teaspoon is NOT lost................but GP can't see it can he?
Grace is now trying to find the lost teaspoon too.  However, just like GP, she is SO close but doesn't see it!  GP guards Miss Enid's cup and saucer because he doesn't want them to fall on the floor either because they are made of bone china and would break.  Miss Enid would be heart broken if anything happened to her tea service.

Gracie arrives and decides to help Miss Enid find her lost teaspoon
Miss Esther hears something going on and comes over to see what is happening.

Miss Enid explains what has happened to her and Miss Esther is very upset for her because she knows how much her tea service and silver teaspoon means to her.  The silver teaspoon is particularly old and Miss Enid has inherited it from her father (who received it from HIS father before him...and HIS before him....!)  as part of an antique silver cutlery set.

Esther turns up and wonders WHAT has happened!
Priscilla Jane runs over to join the search.  Lets hope that together with Grace they manage to find the lost teaspoon because they can see how upset Miss Enid is becoming....

Priscilla Jane joins the search........
Oh dear WHAT is going on here?  Clara, Amelia and Emily are also now on the scene trying to find the lost teaspoon!

Grace has decided to sit down and have a rest after searching for the teaspoon for soooooooo long!

Adele thinks that the girls need help and direction so she is telling them how SHE thinks they should be looking for the lost teaspoon!  I am sure Miss Enid would prefer that Adele tries looking for the teaspoon herself instead of telling her friends HOW she thinks they could search more effectively!

More of the Sunday School girls come over to help..but some are more helpful than others! 
WHERE have both  Clara and Emily gone?  Oh dear!  They have become bored quite quickly sadly and decide to give up when the teaspoon has not yet been found.

Emily and Clara have decided that they have had enough and leave the hunt for the teaspoon to the other girls. 
Adele is telling the vicar ALL about Miss Enid's lost teaspoon whilst Amelia continues the search............. with the help of Georgie, Robert Alexander's pet dog.  SHE is not going to miss out on helping poor Miss Enid............well done Georgie!

Georgie, Robert Alexander's pet dog is helping the girls to find the teaspoon too! 
Grace returns after a rest to carry on the search.  Priscilla Jane is trying to comfort Miss Enid as she is now worrying that the teaspooon may NEVER be found......poor Miss Enid. 

Poor GP.....he so WANTS a cuddle from Grace but she is too busy to notice him trying to attract her attention..........

The vicar is now here and Grace has decided to have another look whilst Priscilla Jane tries to comfort poor Miss Enid........ 
Well done Priscilla Jane! She finds the teaspoon right by the side of the organ stool on the right hand side and can't believe that they had not found it before!

Miss Enid is just too happy to be bothered HOW long it has taken............

Priscilla Jane tells Miss Enid that her lost and now found teaspoon story reminds her of the parable called "The Lost Sheep" which Esther read to them in their last Sunday School class. 

Priscilla Jane decides to look ONE more time and finds the side of the organ console 
Priscilla Jane is so pleased as she shows off the newly found teaspoon to the vicar!

The vicar agrees with her that the story of Miss Enid's lost teaspoon is just like the parable or story of the "Lost Sheep"told by Jesus in the Bible.  He tells her that HE thinks that the story of Miss Enid's missing teaspoon is a real modern day parable.  He explains that Jesus uses stories (parables) to tell everyone about God.  In the story of the "Lost Sheep" the shepherd represents God and the sheep are all the people in the world.  When even one of His people is lost God refuses to rest until that person is found.

In the same way, as he tells her, Miss Enid could not rest until she found her teaspoon because it was so precious to her.......just as everyone is precious to God.  The children had to help her find the teaspoon though because of her bad arthritis. The vicar also tells them that THEY are God's hands and feet on earth as they do HIS work for Him just as they looked for the spoon on behalf of Miss Enid.

Priscilla Jane tells the vicar that she has found the teaspoon and is showing it off to him! 
Look who has come along?  It is Sepp!  WHAT is Sepp doing here? 

Priscilla Jane is telling the vicar ALL about her idea that the story of Miss Enid's lost teaspoon is JUST like the parable of the "Good Shepherd". 
If you remember it was Sepp who lost the teaspoon in the first place. She is SO thrilled that Priscilla Jane has found it that she couldn't wait to put some sugar in Miss Enid's cup of freshly poured tea and give it a good stir...............

GP thinks that HE would like a little sip of some of Miss Enid's tea too............

Sepp is so relieved that the teaspoon is now found and is enjoying giving Miss Enid's cup of tea a good stir after putting one and half teaspoons of sugar in it for her! 


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