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 St. Valentine's Day 2010 at St. Hilary's!

The vicar has been so happy since Miss Enid has arrived in St. Hilary's.  So as it is Valentine's Day AND a Sunday today he has bought her a very special present to demonstrate how happy he is to have her at St. Hilary's.  The children are celebrating Valentine's Day in their own way too and this involves some of them making thier very OWN Valentine's Day cards...........................find out how this year's Valentine's Day progresses here.........

The vicar is so thrilled here as he gives Miss Enid her special Valentine's Day present.
As you can see he has wrapped it up in lovely red tissue paper.......after all the present IS special!

The vicar presents Miss Enid with a Valentine's Day present.
Miss Enid is so thrilled with her new matching pair of gloves and purse as her old ones WERE looking a bit worse for wear!

The vicar is telling her that the tradition of giving a pair of gloves to a special friend pre-dates Victorian times so he thought it would be a great idea to resurrect the tradition in St. Hilary's!

He has even got her a Valentine's Day card too.........

Miss Enid is delighted to open her Valentine's Day present from the vicar and to find it is a lovely new pair of gloves with a matching purse!
What is going on here?

The children have asked Esther, their Sunday School teacher, if she would let them make Valentine's Day cards this morning.

Of course Esther is very happy to let them! 

Find out who they are making them for.........and first up is.....Robert Alexander...

Some of the children are enjoying creating Valentine's Day cards!
Robert Alexander says that he doesn't really like girls very much because he prefers to play with boys...........especially football!

However he DOES have a favourite girl.........can you guess who she is?.................well it is none other than his beloved pet dog, Georgie of course........

So Robert Alexander is making Georgie a card to tell her how much he loves her................find out how well he does in a mo.............but first let's see how Gracie is doing........
  Robert Alexander has drawn a dog - I wonder which dog it is?
Ahhhhh.............can you guess WHO her card is for..................there is a clue here........................again find out in a mo because we must see what Priscilla Jane is doing with the card SHE is making. 

Grace is making a special Valentine's Day card for her pet guinea pig, GP because she loves him lots and lots....
You can see that Priscilla Jane has nearly finished her card.............wonder WHO it is for and what has she written...................we will find out in a minute.... 

Meanwhile can you see that Eric has joined Grace as she is in the process of finishing her card.  He is SO enjoying his visit to Daffodil Green isn't he?

Priscilla Jane is finishing off a Valentine's Day card for her school friend, Zac
Whilst some of the children are making Valentine's Day cards Miss Enid is preparing to  spring a lovely "thank you surprise" on the vicar for the present of a pair of gloves and purse he gave her earlier on today.......

You can see a beautiful bone china tea service is Miss Enid's very own and she has brought it to church today especially for this surprise........however Miss Enid only has the teapot lid.....where is the pot?

Miss Enid has planned a treat for the vicar especially for Valentine's Day.....but where is the teapot because she has only got the lid?!
HERE it is!  Ambrose has offered to fill the tea pot up out of the urn on the trolley.  Note that Grace has brought some "Gracie Cakes" to be shared in church because everyone loves them so much.

Ah....Ambrose had the pot..
Whilst Ambrose is making the tea Robert Alexander has given his "favourite girl", Georgie, his pet dog, her Valentine's Day card.  She is thrilled with it of course but is a little sad as she is not able to draw a card for him too!  Poor Georgie!

Sepp the rat and Snowy the mouse enjoy watching all that is going on.  Can you also see Magnifi-Cat sitting in his basket under the stairs?

Robert Alexander has given Goergie her Valentine's Day card!
We can now see who Priscilla Jane has made a card for.  It is her special school friend, Zac, who sits next to her in class.  She SO wants him to join St. Hilary's Sunday School and come to church so she has made him a card to tell him how much Jesus loves him. SHE likes him "a lot", as she will admit to her friends in private, but she thinks that she will wait til she is a "grown up" before she has a "proper boyfriend"!!

Grace too has finished her card.........and it is for none other than......GP!  Of course poor GP.....he is trying SO hard to climb up her skirt to see it!  Can you see what she has written..............."I luv GP lots and lots"!

Gracie and Priscilla Jane show off their now finished Valentine's Day cards to each other...
Miss Enid makes sure that she has hold of her new gloves and purse when the vicar comes over for his cup of tea out of Miss Enid's very own bone china tea service.

Miss Enid is telling the vicar that she has made him a lovely cup of tea in her very own bone china teapot!
As you can see.......this is a very beautiful tea service...........and she has even brought along her very own silver teaspoons too so that the vicar can stir his tea with one!  She LOVES TyPhoo tea and has also brought her own packet to be sure Ambrose remembers to use it!

Miss Enid has marked Valentine's Day with a special single rose that she bought and put in a vase especially for the vicar to see!

A close up of the bone china Blue Sovereign tea service
Ambrose comes over as he sees Miss Enid try to reach for the teapot to pour out the vicar's tea.  He wants to be there in case she needs him to pour it instead as he could see that she is struggling to reach ...
Ambrose is such a kind boy.

Miss Enid is just going to pour the vicar a nice cup of tea!
Grace is so proud of the card she has made for GP she is showing it off to Miss Enid. 

Grace is entranced by the beautiful tea servce and Miss Enid sees this.  She is promising Grace that she will remember to take her and some of the other children who are interested on a special visit to "Aunt Sal's Teas" which is next door to the church for a special "high tea" one day soon.
Grace is so looking forward to that.........and she also now  wonders........would "Aunt Sal's Teas" want to have some of her "Gracie Cakes" to sell for one of her favourite charities or church funds?

Grace is showing Miss Enid the card she has made for her beloved pet, HP.


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