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A Sunday School Lesson for Palm Sunday.


Palm Sunday Diorama


Introduction: Begin by reading the story of Palm Sunday to the children.   Pay particular attention to the fact that Jesus knew why he had to go to Jerusalem (that he was going to die and that it was according to God’s plan for him).   Also pay attention to the special carpet laid down before Jesus and the donkey as they entered the city.


Discussion: when do we use special carpets?   Eg  for Royalty, actors at the Oscars, special hotel guests.   Why did the people create a carpet not only of palm leaves but also of their own clothes?    Tell children how in previous centuries gentlemen supposedly removed their cloaks and spread them across muddy patches on the ground rather than let a woman (and especially a queen) walk through the mud.


Make: a diorama (3D model in a box) of the entry into Jerusalem.  




Large box (or a designated area on a table, covered in paper or etc)

Thin cardboard tubes, empty toilet roll tubes etc

Green paper (for palm leaves)


Photocopies of black line masters

Coloured pencils etc




Building blocks etc if desired


Method: (delegate these various jobs to children according to their abilities)



When the diorama is complete, ask the children to imagine the sounds they might have heard had they been there that day.    These could include: the donkey braying, the sound of the donkey’s hooves on the ground, people shouting “Hosanna”, or “Praise Him”, or “Welcome Jesus!” etc.   Ask the children to recreate these sounds as they look at the diorama.  


Extra activities:

Give students the maze to try at home.


Materials for Lesson.
Please find below the graphics required to complete this lesson.  



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