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The Christingle

The Sunday School children of St. Hilary's were so excited when their Sunday School teacher, Miss Esther, told them that she would teach them how to make a Christingle!  They had always enjoyed the Christingle service where they would all receive their very own Christingle and then light the candle on it. Eating the dried fruit and sweets was VERY much enjoyed too when they took them home! 
(The Christingle is a vehicle through which The Church of England Children's Society raises funds to continue their valuable work with vulnerable children and young people.)

Find out how they enjoyed their lesson on the Christingle here.................

Miss Esther has asked some of the children to bring some of the items required to make the Christingles.

Adele has brought a bowl of dried fruit and sweets and is guarding it with her life!


Robert Alexander has been entrusted with the task of bringing some white candles.

Hasn't he done well as he hasn't dropped ONE on the floor!

Emily too, like Adele, has brought a bowl of dried fruit and sweets for the Christingles.


 Adele comes over to show off the bowl of dried fruits and sweets she has brought to both Emily and Robert Alexander!

Georgie, Robert Alexander's pet dog, can only look at the sweets and dried fruit and drool as Robert Alexander has told them very firmly  they are NOT for her!  Poor, poor Georgie!  Lets hope that Robert Alexander gives her a specially big bone as a treat when he takes her home because she has been such a good girl today.


Who have we here?  It is none other than young Tom!  Tom was asked to bring a jar of sweets along.  He decided to go and buy LOADS and LOADS of dolly mixtures!  As you can see he has not only brought a big jar, but also a little glass dish of them too!

Adele is VERY jealous!  She too loves dolly mixtures.

Let's hope that there will be enough dollymixtures to put on the Christingles as the children may well be tempted to eat many of them!


Phoebe has brought along some red ribbon!  

Magnifi-Cat, the church cat, thinks it is for him and is staying around to see if Pheobe lets him play with it!


Ambrose and Ben have both brought some oranges.

Miss Esther has brought some cocktail sticks too so we now have every ingredient necessary in order to make some Christingles!

Find out what all these different items mean that make up the Christingle below......



Miss Esther has decided to use the blackboard to pin up some overhead material from the Church of England Children Society in order to explain all about the Christingle.

Here she is showing the children a drawing of an orange.

Miss Esther explains that the orange represents the world.


Alice has been asked by Miss Esther to explain what the red ribbon means.

Alice tells the children that the red ribbon represents the blood of Jesus Christ who died to save everyone's sins.

Megan is quite fascinated with this as you can see.


Miss Esther explains to the children that the four cocktail sticks represents the four corners of the world and the four seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Autumn (or "The Fall") and Winter.

The fruits and sweets represent all the good things God gives to us all.

Ah.....Tom just HAD to come up to examine this drawing of sweets more closely.  However he wanted to know why they did not look like his favourite sweets, dolly mixtures!


Alice tells the children that the candle on the Christingle represents Christ, the light of the world.  In the Christingle service, this candle is actually lit as part of the ceremony.

The children all listened intently and were immediately keen to have a go at making these Christingles themselves!


Each child is given one orange to begin with by Miss Esther.


Adele is in quite a quandary!  She has had to have both a bowl of dried fruits AND dolly mixtures close at hand as she tries to choose which ones to put on her four cocktail sticks.


Tom has been very good and has managed to put his four cocktail sticks in the right places on the orange!

Megan is very impressed!  However - who else is also impressed? It is Syd, the pigeon.  He is SO impressed he is in danger of jumping down to the little table Tom is working on in order to take a few sweets and dried out Tom!

As if that isn't enough for poor Tom to cope with Tinker, the cat is trying to get his attention too.  Does Tinker want some sweets and dried fruit as well?


Adele is doing well here!  She has chosen to have a go at putting the red ribbon around the orange after becoming a little frustrated deciding whether or not to have some dolly mixtures as well as dried fruit and sweets on her cocktail sticks.

Magnifi-Cat is having a little chat to Georgie.  They both agree that the children are MOST unfair in not letting them have even ONE sweet or piece of dried fruit?  They know that they are all meant for the Christingles but surely the children, Miss Esther and Alice could have spared just one small sweet or piece of dried fruit for them each?



The children have now spent quite some time, or so they feel, making Christingles for the Christingle service.

As you can see they have done really well!

  Tom is proudly showing his first completely one off to you all!

Well done Tom!

Visit our Christingle Service  page and see why the children always enjoy it!



Many thanks to Catherine Davies, my sister, for all of the Christingles, dried fruit, sweets and dolly mixtures seen here!  They are all made out of a synthetic clay called fimo.




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