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Palm Sunday Preparations  

(St. Hilary's has a lesson plan for Palm Sunday written for us by Miss Lorna Webb which is free for non-commercial use only.)

Jesus rode on a donkey as He entered Jerusalem for the last time before He was crucified.   People welcomed Him by throwing palms down in His path.   So every year on Palm Sunday many Christian churches around the world mark this very important event in Jesus' life by making crosses out of palm leaves and, after they are blessed by the priest or minister (as happens in some churches), one is given to every member of the congregation who wishes to receive one so that they too can look at the cross and remember that Jesus died for them.

The children are excited this year because they are going to be involved in the making palm crosses.  Archie, who is the owner of Aunt Sal's Tearooms next door to the church, has told the vicar that he is quite happy for them to come into his tearooms and make the crosses there.  Isn't that kind of him? Gracie is particularly excited because this will be her first Palm Sunday in St. Hilary's and she is planning to do something VERY clever..........

Ambrose arrives with the palm leaves in his bucket.  They are all ready for the children when they arrive for them to make palm crosses.

Ambrose has brought the palm leaves to Aunt Sal's Tearooms for the children to help make them into palm crosses
Oh dear what do we have here?  Gracie has brought some freshly baked "Gracie Cakes" along for everyone to enjoy AFTER they have finished making the palm crosses for Palm Sunday.

Can you see that we have a "rodent infestation" here in the form of both Sepp and Snowy?  They love to nibble "Gracie Cakes" and they persuaded Grace to let them come along too.  Snowy was very naughty and hid IN the cake tin.  We hope he didn't take too many nibbles before they arrived at Aunt Sal's Tearooms.

Gracie brings her "Gracie cakes" for the children to enjoy....but with a rather worrying surprise...
Prince has arrived! Rev Ken and family must be in the church and Prince decides that Aunt Sal's Tearooms looks MUCH more interesting!

Prince the yellow labrador decides to join them......
Everything is now set........all they need is for the children to arrive to help make the palm crosses.........

Ambrose starts to show Grace how to make a palm cross by demonstrating to her with two he has picked out of the bucket.....

Ambrose shows Grace how to make a cross out of one palm leaf.
Tom has arrived and Eric too..  Eric obviously fancies making a cross for himself too as does Sepp.  They are watching attentively aren't they?

Clever Prince!  HE is going to try and make a palm cross too!

Prince decides to have a go making a palm cross too!
Amelia and Robert Alexander are now here.  However WHAT is Amelia doing reading a book?  Surely she can't be bored making palm crosses already?!

Have you noticed something funny about the is upside down!  Amelia has read this book SO many times now she is able to read her books UPSIDE DOWN!

Georgie too looks as is SHE too would like to learn how to make a palm cross.

Amelia and Robert Alexander are now here and ready to make palm crosses too..
Esther, the Sunday School teacher, helps Emily make some palm crosses.

Ernest is now here and HE fancies learning how to make one too.

Esther has arrived with Emily and is now helping show Emilyl how to make the crosses
Ah.....Tom and Ben have now arrived and Esther is helping them to make palm crosses.

Can you see that Grace has left her tin of "Gracie Cakes" on the table.  Unfortunately you can see two ducks are rather distracted by them....

Tom and Ben are now here to help the growing band.....
It is Esme and Ernest.  Esme has come to see what is going on.  Snowy the mouse is STILL sitting in the tin having a little nibble....NAUGHTY Snowy!

Esme and Ernest can't resist a sniff at the "Gracie Cakes"....
At last!  Amelia has put her book down and has made some crosses as has Robert Alexander.

They are showing off the latest cross each has made.

Clever Eric because he too has managed to make a cross.  Clever Eric!

Amelia and Robert Alexander have finished making palm crosses and even Eric had a go too!
Alice and Ambrose are ready now to serve teas and cakes to the children now they have finished making enough crosses to give out to the congregatoin on Palm Sunday morning.

Ambrose and Alice are now ready to set the tables with tea and cakes for the children now they have finished thier work...
Grace has walked over to the church in order to practice processing with both a palm leaf AND whilst playing her tambourine and singing....

Grace has walked over to the church in order to practice processing with both a palm leaf AND whilst playing her tambourine and singing....
Palm Sunday is finally here!

The chldren are so enjoying taking part in the Palm Sunday procession aren't they?

The children finally "get it together" and enjoy their Palm Sunday moring procession with palm leaves

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