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A Miniatura Dollshouse Show Visit!

Adele, Tom and Ben are so looking forward to visiting the Miniatura Dollshouse Show this year and finally the day of their visit has arrived!  Esther, the Sunday School teacher, has agreed with their parents that she would escort them as the parents were all too busy to take the children themselves.  Find out how the visit went.............and see who they met for the very first time too!

Esther meets the children in the church bell tower.  Esther makes sure they have their tickets as you can see!

They both hold their tickets up with pride!  

Sepp the rat is in her favourite place......she KNOWS that sitting on the bell tower steps mean she sees everything that goes on in St. Hilary's

WHERE is Adele?  We hope she has remembered!


Ah.......HERE she is!  Can you see how well prepared she is?  She must be considering a lot of shopping today for her dollshouse because she has brought the famous Miniatura bag with her.


Esther allows the three children to have a short time of looking around on their own as long as they make sure they meet her again soon at the entrance of the show!

Ben has found Dee Daw Designs because Adele has asked him if he could take her voucher she cut out of the Dollshouse and Miniature Scene magazine to get herself a miniature cut out kit for HER dolls in her dollshouse to visit the show too!

The stall is VERY busy but Ben is VERY patient waiting his turn...............we hope Adele appreciates this!


Oh dear..........poor Esther has been waiting and waiting.......and waiting..........but not even ONE of the children has remembered the time to meet her here near the entrance of the show.

However.........can you see ONE young man who is hiding?  

WHERE are the other children?


Ben has found his way to Jane Davies' stall and is admiring the beautiful dolls..........whilst Adele is.......


....having a chat to Christiane who is the editor of The Dollshouse Magazine............we hope Esther catches up with her charges soon..........


Esther is asking John and Jane ......"HAVE you seen Adele, Tom or Ben?"

John remembers that he saw Ben a short while ago admiring the dolls.

Poor Esther......we hope she finds them soon....


Here is Adele............she has found these wonderful miniature Christmas stalls displayed here and puts some money in the collection box as it will help people with cancer.


Esther has finally found her errant children.............they are in the refreshment area......................

Tom is enjoying a chat to a young girl he found sitting on the floor eating her sandwiches and looking at the brochure. She tells him her name is Grace but lots of her friends WILL insist on calling her "Gracie"!

Gracie is waiting for her Mum who has just left her for a short time only...............we hope her Mum comes back soon.

Tom, Adele and Ben tell Esther what a great time they have had looking at all the different kinds of miniatures.  The boys loved it just as much as Adele too!





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