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Sarah Price
Dec 21, 2003
We hope that you all enjoy visiting our site showing off our miniature church. We are sure that my mother would have loved this site too and it is in her honour that it is here for you all to visit

Dec 21, 2003
A wonderful site dedicated to a lady who was most gracious when we had the privilege of visiting her last June. May God bless all who visit St Hilary's church!

Dec 21, 2003

Absolutely extraordinary! What a loving tribute for your mother. A lot of love and care has certainly gone into creating your beautiful church.

Rachel fritz
Dec 21, 2003
Hi Sarah & Andrew! What a beautiful church!!You have done a lovely job with the web site too :-)Best wishes, Rachel.

Catherine Davies
Dec 23, 2003
This is an absolutely beautiful site - fantastic pictures and a lovely tribute.

vic newey
Dec 25, 2003
so pleased to have been involved in this wonderful project, best wishes from vic

Lisa Campbell
Dec 26, 2003
I have just visited Sarah and Andrew's site for the second time, and I am still astounded by the magnificent detail in St. Hilary's church and the figurines. This truly is a wonderful site and a very fitting tribute. Excellent!!

Susan Mauer
Jan 12, 2004
How delightful and so moving. Thank you for sharing.

connie osborn
Feb 21, 2004
I really like the decorations that you have used. My brother and sister-in-law made them, if I was informed correctly, Stockton-minis of the USA.

Annemarie van Heerde
Mar 07, 2004
I like the Parish Church anf the story. All the best for you all. Annemarie van Heerde, Zoetermeer Holland

Shirley Cirami
Apr 03, 2004
Hi Sarah and Andrew, What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I visit this site often and find it so special and healing.

Apr 04, 2004
God bless you for the care you lavish on this site. May God touch all who visit here. I look forward to every new feature. Well done! A delightful memorial to your mother Hilary.

Apr 21, 2004
hello from Belgium keep up the good work

May 01, 2004
What a lovely website and a beautiful church. Can you tell me where you bought the kit, furniture and dolls? Regards, Karen

Shirley Cirami
Jun 01, 2004
Another beautiful chapter at St. Hilary. Sarah, were you responsible for all the exquisite hand work on the childrens clothes. What a pleasure to view this work. Thank you Shirley

Aug 22, 2004
Fantastic! I am hoping to design and build a similar chapel (will be converted to living accomodation) Was this built from scratch or from plans?

James Bridgwood
Sep 04, 2004

Dear Andrew and Sarah, For Once I am lost for words! What a thoughtful, moving and beautiful way to cherish the memory of Sarah's mother. It is wonderful to see how much pleasure your efforts have already given to so many people and will give to many more in the future I'm sure. The intricacy of your work, both cosmetically and in your development of the characters suggests to me that St.Hilary's could easily translate into a wonderful and enchanting Christian children's book. You are both truly wonderful, talented people and I am so glad that God made sure our paths crossed once again. I will be in touch soon, God Bless, James Bridgwood.

Sep 24, 2004
This is so beautiful thank you for sharing.

Lisa Campbell
Sep 27, 2004
Sarah, the web-site keeps getting better and better!! Well done. I will definitely continue to look for new additions and events of St Hillary's. P.S Rev. Gyles Ponseby-Smith looks as good as ever. Food looks glorious. Lisa.

Rachel Fritz
Sep 29, 2004
It's wonderful to see our old vicar happily settling into his new position at St. Hilary's!! Please say hello to him from all of his congregation back here in Australia!Best wishes to Rita too :-)From their friend Rachel.

Patricia Walters Could
Sep 29, 2004

I write to you from Kankakee, Illinois, which is 60 miles south of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. My dear friend and doll artist, Jane Davies, directed me to your site and I am SO enjoying it! So clever, creative, and charming!I look forward to returning again and again! Thank you so much for providing this delightful distraction from the woes of our troubled world!

Patricia W. Gould
Oct 12, 2004
WOW!!! Thank you for the Autumn Fest update..your site just continues to be more and more fun to visit! Patricia Gould from the United States


James Bridgwood

Oct 20, 2004
Dear Sarah and Andrew, Often when people pass on maany tributes are made/recited. However, the best tribute anyone can be given is the appreciation of what they have left behind. In you Sarah, your mother has left behind a truly wonderful human being full of compassion and love. For me there is no better tribute/testament to a person's character. May God bless your Mother's soul and may she be with you in all that you do.As I have said before, this site is a wonderful tribute to your Mother's memory. Love, James.

Nov 06, 2004
I love this site keep it up


Father Damien Mead
Jan 28, 2005
What a charming website - a brilliant idea and heart warming! Keep up the good work!


Christiane Berridge
Feb 03, 2005

I would love to feature St Hilary's Church in The Dolls' House Magazine. Who can I speak to about this? I love the pictures on your web site but they are not a high enough resolution to reproduce in the magazine, so would need to think about this. Please email me or tel: 01273 402868 mon-thur, 10 - 3 THANKS


Feb 08, 2005
This is a most charming site - I'm so pleased I found it... Your mother was obviously a very special lady if this site is anything to go by.

Deborah & Ralph Donovan
Feb 20, 2005
This site is absolutely fabulous, such a wonderful way to remember obviously much loved family members. Ralph & I have are so very lucky to have some of Catherine creations and they are treasured. What a talented and more importantly very loving family. Warm wishes Deborah & Ralph Donovan xx

Feb 22, 2005
What a beautiful site, so well done, and amazing attention to detail....thankyou for sharing. Olivia.

Juliet Campbell
Feb 27, 2005
This is my first visit to your site. I think it is wonderful. It must have taken you ages to do, so much detail. A wonderful vehicle for teaching and also a family enterprise. Reading the guest comments, it is great to know that you have touched so many hearts across the globe. Well done and keep going. You could branch out into Bible stories for the 3-5 year olds (retelling, I know they would love them. God bless Juliet Campbell (Junior church leader for 3-5 year olds at St Nicholas church, Sutton, Surrey)

Alice M. Gegers
Feb 28, 2005
Hi Your work is great,congratulations. Alice

Rev Noel Carter
Mar 18, 2005
What a brilliant web site. A brilliant labour of love. Well done

Bob Phillips
Mar 19, 2005

It's twee to say your Palm Sunday page was a prayer answered, but it was. It's 4am; Sunday School's due in 6 hours, and I've been busy on night duties. Your lesson plan is ideal; templates wonderful and greatly reassuring. Any more Sunday School sessions planned? Thanks, Bob. (Sunday school = 1 baby, 2 tots, 1 tweenie, 2 primaries & quite a lot of mess.)

gordon lonsdale
Mar 20, 2005
I was a former Sunday School teacher and the lessons were broadly similar. We did not have the advantages of all the extra facilities and it was interesting to follow them through.

Mar 26, 2005
I think your church is absolutely fantastic and all the various scenes you have created. Well done!

Katy Cunningham
Jul 21, 2005
Jane Davies told me about this site and how much she loves it. What a wonderful way to remember your mother! I will come here often; thanks for all your hard work.

Pamela Sheppard
Jul 30, 2005
What a wonderful site I have just made my first visit having learnt about the site in The Dolls house magazine thank you so much for it, what a wonderful way to remember your mother, I hope to visit the site often

Inger Staun
Aug 05, 2005
Yesterday I received The Dolls�house Magazine, where I found "At home with Sarah Price" It�s amazing to view. You really are a talented lady. Who made the lovely dolls? I should like to know. Best wishes Inger staun

Derek Croasdale
Aug 08, 2005
I loved the church! I myself am trying to construct a one twelfth scale church and due to lack of carving skills struggling to locate church accessories especially lecture and pulpit. God will guide me I am sure.

Mark Lee
Aug 08, 2005
I'm a catholic altar server (or Acolyte) from Hong Kong who came accross this Really Wonderful site and promise I'll come every now and then. Great work, superb ideas and very heartily devotion - to both the deceased and the Lord. I was originally looking for a miniature church to put in my city of buses and trains, and ended finding this simple and lovely church far better than any of those 'detailed' works - they lack such sipirit anyway~~ If I have time I'm sure to make one myself too!! God be with ye!^^

Bianca Ivens
Aug 10, 2005
What a wonderfull site !!! We always go on vacation to England and love the country so much and to see this church, it's like to be in England and be part of the village where the church is. It's a lovely tribute to your mother and a masterpiece !!!I hope to return every week to see new things. I also just read the article in the Dollhouse magazine. I love the story behind it all. Kind regards and compliments on the site again, Bianca from the Netherlands

Ann Taylor
Aug 13, 2005
What a wonderful tribute to your mum. I have enjoyed looking around your church and reading about the Vicar and his flock. It reminds me of the Sunday School Anniversary that was held every year in my home church. The Sunday School children took over the choir stalls for the morning and evening service. We sang and gave bible readings and read stories, that children had written, to the congregation. What a wonderful tribute to your mum. Does the Bride reappear? I will be visiting the sight regularly to find out. Regards Ann

lene lund
Aug 20, 2005
absolutely a very wonderfull church. Amazing and breattaking, I nearly got tears in my eyes. Lene from Denmark

tracy foster
Aug 21, 2005
Read your article in the dolls house magazine and visited site found it amazing and the people look so real makes you feel like you know them thanks for sharing it x

lene Lund
Sep 09, 2005
what a beautiful new gold eagle lectern, may it be a blessing in your little church. Love from Lene in Denmark

Liz Goodyer
Sep 12, 2005
What a stunning memorial you have set up. Being an avid doll collector and owner of two dolls houses I appreciate the incredible amount of work, care and time that has gone into this project. PS My husband is rector of the Parish of Alverstoke

fiona burt
Sep 15, 2005
a pleasure to browse through your lovely church. I have fallen in love with Phoebe and wonder where I could get similar. Regards Fiona

Hedi Radford
Sep 21, 2005
I was searching the web for Harvest Festival ideas for my assembly - and came across you. What a find. Absolutely enchanting, and what a wonderful tribute to your mama.

sarah little
Oct 15, 2005
amazing,a bonkus delight!I was actually looking for a Christmas playlet for school! If you have any fun ideas please e-mail me.

Richard Steel
Dec 05, 2005
What a beautifully designed website! We all need Jesus Christ, and childhood is so important to develop that relationship with God through Christ. If you are looking to show people that Jesus Christ is real please visit my website.

Tracie Bylo
Dec 07, 2005
Hello Sarah, what a wonderful tribute to your mother! I have really enjoyed your web site and as a Sunday Club leader and LayWorker, I applaud you for your work.I have been so inspired by your miniature church that I have just bought one for myself....God bless!



Apr 13, 2006
Hello:-), This is one of the most interesting mini sites 

I have visited. I shall return to browse a lot more. I admire you attention to detail and all the work that has gone into everything. Sylvia

sheila clarke
Apr 15, 2006
What a wonderful site. I shall return many times to browse. Thank you

Dena Wade
Apr 22, 2006
I am so grateful I found this website. I looked and looked for a lesson on the Pentecost and could find nothing. After spending about 2 hours on the web I found ya'll. Thanks, Dena Wade



Miranda Wyeth
May 09, 2006
What a lovely idea. I have truly enjoyed viewing your website, and will check back in the future to see what new things have been going on. I am in the process of 'fixing up' my grandmother's dollshouse (a traditional tudor house) and am very interested in other people's ideas and projects. Best wishes.


Ann Taylor
Feb 13, 2007
My return visit to St Hilary's has been lovely. Keep up the wonderful work. Thank you for the pleasure you give to people

Feb 17, 2007
The new organ is beautiful! I wonder what the dimensions are!

Valerie Saunders
Feb 23, 2007
What a delightful find! We too are coming to terms with the death of a dear mother who loved miniatura and are keeping her memory alive (and also enjoying) continuing the collection she started. Perhaps we will see you at the NEC in March. Valerie and Susan


Helen Gardner
Mar 29, 2007
This site was a delight to find, and to browse. It is a beautiful tribute to a woman whose legacy shines out in what she has left behind - a loving family and a true sense of faith lived daily. Bless you. Helen

jean rust
Apr 02, 2007
what a nice surprise coming upon this site... beautifully done

Apr 04, 2007
Just wanted to leave a little note saying I stopped in. God Bless to everyone......Happy Easter!

Ward and Tomi Moore
Apr 13, 2007
Hello you two! Just wanted to say that your site keeps looker better and better! We have so enjoyed our friendship with you over the years, also. God bless you both!

Sue Crowe
Apr 15, 2007
I have visited your site on occasions and found it very useful. I shall pass on the website details to the Sunday School teacher taking my place at our Church. Keep up the good work. God bless.

christiane Berridge
Apr 17, 2007
Hi Sarah, I would like to remind readers of your wonderful church. Do you have any high resolution images (of the wedding? Harvest Festival) that I could use? I'd like to give out the website again as well as remind readers of our original feature back in issue 88. If you don't have any images, can I have permission to reproduce one from that feature? I hope that you and your are well. I have so enjoyed re-visiting the church and its life. MANY THANKS

David Bridgeman-utton
May 09, 2007
A lady In Australia sent me the URL of your site, as I write a page each month on the New Zealand website (You click on the stop-knob "A Muse" to reach my pages) I intend to mention the organ at St Hilary's with a link in a page in the near future. However, Jenny Setchell, the webmistress runs a competition form organ lovers each month. (click on the stop knob "Competitions" to reach these!). It has occurred to us both that one of your pictures would make an excellent competition subject - perhaps with others of young players and a "spot the difference" angle to the question. Would you be prepared to allow the use of one of the pictures for this purpose? Full acknowledgement and link would be provided with the answer - clearly it would defeat the object if this were done with the question! It would give us great pleasure to make St Hilary's known to more people - it is a superb model - or series of models. Perhaps you could let me know what you think - I will pass it on to Jenny, who lives in New Zealand. We live in England now, but spent some years in NZ. Computers have shrunk the distance. Please say if you'd like more information before deciding. Best wishes David Bridgeman-Sutton.

Hilary McHugh
May 15, 2007
I love your church. I'm currently making a room box chapel for my sister-in-law as a surprise birthday present. I especially love your vicar, he's got the most amazing face and the children are beautiful too. I hope my little room box will give as much pleasure to my sister-in-law as yours does to so many. I'll be back to look at your site in more detail when I have a bit more time. I'm sure your mum gets to enjoy your church from Heaven. Incidentally, my name is Hilary.

May 25, 2007
What a beautiful things you made,it's a plesant to see all the nice things greeting from brocaatje the netherlands


Cindy Thorkelson
May 26, 2007
Thank you for some ideas for our Sunday School Lundar Lutheran Church, Lundar, Manitoba Canada.

May 26, 2007
Charming, and enjoyable. Thanks!

Deb Haynes
May 27, 2007
Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for!

Rachel Fritz
Jun 22, 2007
Hi Sarah & Andrew, the bishop sends his regards & says that both he & his little freind are looking forward to meeting you soon!It has been freezing here so he is looking forward to some sunny British weather!  Say hi by the way to Rita & the Rev.

Rev Sanjeeva Rao
Sep 10, 2007
God Bless You every One. nice site. Pastor Sanjeeva Rao India.


Jackie Boyce
May 16, 2008
I'd like to say this site is a wonderful tribute to a Lady who must have been very much loved. I can't help thinking she had a great sence of humour as well.


pamela clark
Aug 11, 2008
Have been inspired since seeing your church in the Dolls House Magazine. What a wonderful way to celebrate each season. Thank you

bianca ivens
Aug 25, 2008
I visit this site now and again and it's always such a surprise to see all the new photo's and texts. In dollshouseworld it's the most inspiring site and I let many people know of the site so they all can enjoy your work. It gives me inspiration to make new things and it's also a dream of me to make a church like st. hillary's.But this church is the one and only in it's sort I think. Good luck with it and I'll come again soon for another visit! kind regards, Bianca Ivens, the Netherlands




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